HDC Cabinet Members Briefings

Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

Horsham Conservative Association is commencing a series of Zoom briefings to allow our members to interact with key members of our Councils. This month we are starting off with Horsham District Council and the meeting will feature three prominent members of the Council.

  • Councillor Karen Burgess - Chairman of Horsham District Council
  • Councillor Peter Burgess - Cabinet Member for Horsham Town
  • Councillor Claire Vickers - Cabinet Member for Planning and Development

This briefings will focus on planning and development across the Horsham district and will also look at the coming development inĀ North Horsham and the viability of other sites including Rookwood Golf Club. The meeting will be chaired by the Association Chairman, Adrian M Lee and will have a format where there will be an introductory briefing by the Cabinet members followed by an opportunity for participants to ask questions and gain a more complete understanding of the development of Council policy.

We hope to feature more of these in the months ahead to allow our members to gain useful insight into the working of the various Councils and how policy is informed. It will also allow our members to put forward their thoughts into the mix and facilitate a healthy debate.

It is hoped that plenty of our members will wish to participate and please contact Karen or Darcy at Gough House to register your interest on 01403 242000 or office@horshamconservatives.com.

The Zoom meeting details will be emailed to all those registeringĀ an interest on the morning of the meeting.