Jeremy Quin Re-Elected

We are delighted to announce our wonderful candidate Jeremy Quin was re-elected to serve as the Member of Parliament for Horsham.

Jeremy received an amazing 36,906 votes, increasing his total votes, and vote share on 2015 to 59.5%. Jeremy received the highest amount of votes since Sir Peter Hordern’s final election as MP for Horsham in 1992.

Everyone at Horsham Conservative Association is delighted with the result locally and look forward to Jeremy continuing to be a outstanding Member of Parliament for the people of Horsham.

The full table of results can be seen below: Turnout was up 2.7% to 74.9%


Conservative Jeremy Quin 36,906

Labour Susannah Brady 13,422 

Liberal Democrat Morwen Millson 7,644

Green Catherine Ross1,844

UKIP Roger Arthur 1,533

Something New James Smith 375

PeaceJim Duggan 263