Jeremy Quin PPC for Horsham

Jeremy Quin has been selected to contest the Horsham constituency. He has already moved to the centre of Horsham and is campaigning full time.

New Conservative parliamentary candidate selected

Jeremy Quin has been selected by the members of the Horsham Conservative Association to be the Horsham candidate in the General Election.  Jeremy is a Company Adviser and former HM Treasury official - where he worked during the financial crisis.  He is a recent Conservative Association Chairman, is chairman of a countryside educational charity and a senior member of the Countryside Alliance; is a director of a credit union, volunteers in a winter homeless shelter; is a school governor and an ambassador for the educational charity "Debate Mate".    

Could you become a councillor?

 If you care about the area that you live or work in and the issues facing local people, you could become a councillor.Local elections for Horsham District Council will be held in May 2015 and we are currently looking for suitable people to stand for election.