Conservative Women's Organisation



We have an active Conservative Women's Organisation within the Horsham Association. It is chaired by Kimberley Williams. Informal get togethers and a lunch or two are the order of the day where members and friends can come together in a relaxed environment and discuss the issues of concern to them.

The CWO is...

  • The grassroots network that provides support and focus for women in the Conservative Party
  • Reaching out to women in all parts of the community
  • Campaigning on issues of particular concern to women both nationally and internationally
  • Encouraging women to be politically active and to get elected at all levels
  • Ensuring that the women's perspective is taken into account because women see things differently to men
  • Helping the Conservative Party capture the women's vote

The Conservative Women's Organisation was founded in 1919, although its roots go back to 1885 and the Primrose League. It continues to work for the women members of the Conservative Party and to represent their views to the Party Leader, Chairman and MPs. The CWO also works with many NGOs, giving a voice to smaller campaigns and publicising national and international ones. We network with businesses (CWO Enterprise), put forward policy (CWO Forums) and work with women and men interested in standing for public office (CWO Development).

Last year, we held a couple of lunches, the most recent of which was at Côte Restaurant in Horsham where Mims Davies MP was our guest speaker. 

We already are putting together a programme of lunches for 2020 with the first two in the calendar. Come along to our get togethers - men are just as welcome as the ladies!


Upcoming Events - 2020

Saturday 1 February 2020 - CWO Lunch

Friday 3 April - CWO Lunch

See Future Events for full details.