Gough House

Gough House

Gough House is the name of our offices in Horsham town centre. It takes its name from a former Member of Parliament for Horsham, Colonel Charles Frederick Howard Gough (see left). More information on Colonel Gough and our Constituency history can be found here.

We have been here since 1989. The building was originally called Madeira House prior to our occupation and the previous Gough House was situated at 45 East Street before the Albion Way redevelopment took place. You can click here for more information on our Association history.

Gough House employs two part-time professional staff to administer the work of the Association. We have Karen McGovern and Darcy Lester. The office is manned between the hours of 10am and 2pm, Monday to Friday. The services of Gough House are available to the Officers of the Association, to the elected Conservative Councillors within the Association area, to Branch officers in support of their work and to all Members to assist with queries, advise on membership and functions and provide any other political support they may require.

The offices are not a public place and we are not open to ordinary members of the public. All enquiries are welcome and, in the first instance, these should be directed to Karen or Darcy using the contact details below.